Hiking tours from the farm

Kalchgruber farm – Kühberg alp

The Kühberg Alp at 2012 m is open from the beginning of June to the end of October. You can reach it from the farm in about 1.5 hours walking time. Anita and her team look forward to delighting you with traditional alpine dishes.

Phone: 0039 347 7498433

Kalchgruber farm – Riemerbergl Alp

The Riemerbergl Alp at 2050 m is a rustic old alpine building and is open from the beginning of June to mid-October. On the sunny terrace, you can enjoy simple typical dishes. You can reach the Riemerbergl Alp from the farm in about 2 hours walking time.

Kalchgruber farm – Marschnell Alp – Mount Peilstein

From the farm, you can reach the Marschnell Alp at 2213 m, the summer pasture of our young cattle, in about 2.5 hours walking time. It is the highest alpine pasture in the Ulten Valley and is open from mid-June to mid-September. If you want to climb the peak above the alp, the Peilstein, add another 45 minutes. The 2542 m high summit offers a particularly comprehensive panoramic view of the Ulten Valley.

For the circular hike Kalchgruber farm - Kühberg Alp - Riemerbergl Alp - Marschnell Alp and back you should allow 4.5 hours total walking time.

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